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Bellaire Neurology is accepting new patients with or without referral. Please call 713-715-6360 to schedule or submit your request online.

Bellaire Neurology offers two kinds of new patients visits - in office visits and virtual visits. Our new patient virtual visits are appropriate for those who have established headaches for at least one year and are needing help with better acute and preventative treatments. The Virtual visits are also allowed for those with headaches less than one year as long as they have been previously evaluated by a physician. For virtual visits, our new patient forms must be received prior to scheduling.

Our New Patient Forms are available in PDF format and will help to make your registration process faster and eliminate some of the paperwork you would normally fill out in the office before seeing the doctor. Patients are requested to download these patient forms and email or fax them to 713-715-6367 within 2 days of when they schedule their in office new patient appointment. To be in our practice, all patients have to maintain an email address that they check regularly, therefore we no longer mail our New Patient Forms to patients.

If you do not already have a PDF software, we recommend you download Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here to download this free tool. It will allow you to fill out our form and even sign it. Here are some additional helpful hints.


Insurance has made life much more complicated than it used to be. When a patient sees a physician, the physician can either be in network or out of network. Some insurance plans have office co-pays for visits and some have deductibles with a coinsurance portion. Once we have your insurance information and can verify your benefits, we will be able to tell you what we expect your insurance will reimburse you for our visit.

Charges that we do not expect insurance to cover are to be paid at the time of the visit. Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover are accepted.

Bellaire Neurology offers out-of-network patients and patients who are self-pay a 20% discount on charges paid the same day as their appointment.

Dr. Loftus is out of network with all insurances. Here is our current fee schedule.

Not in Network?

Just because Dr. Loftus is out of network does’t mean he can’t be your doctor. You may have out of network benefits that will cover a portion of your visit. Also, to ease the financial burden of being an out of network patient, we give a 20% same day payment discount for the portion of your anticipated bill. Only Dr. Loftus’ physician visit is out of network. The following is typically referred to an in-network provider:

If you have out of network benefits, then our courtesy filing of your charges with your insurance will instruct your insurance to send you the money that you are owed. Here is a fee schedule to guide you regarding our most frequent charges.

*As a convenience we can draw your bloodwork in our office and send it to your in-network laboratory for a fee or you may go to an in-network draw station.

Why isn’t Dr. Loftus in my insurance network?

Patients ask all the time why Dr. Loftus does’t join their particular insurance network. The reason is simple. Dr. Loftus spends a minimum of 40 minutes with a new patient and 20 minutes with a patient for a follow-up appointment. Dr. Loftus answers portal messages from patients each day and even on the weekends. He likes to spend time with patients and believes medicine is a “team sport” where both the patient and physician must work together to create the treatment plan.

Plans that are currently out of network reimburse physicians very low (sometimes even less than Medicare). If Dr. Loftus were contracted with them, he would not be able to devote as much time to individual patients and he would not be able to provide the personalized care that so many of his patients highly value.


We do not accept Medicare. We are considered Medicare Private pay. This means that we cannot bill Medicare and you cannot seek reimbursement from them. We can still order testing (lab work, MRIs, etc) and Medicare will pay for this testing.

Page last updated 1/2/2021.